How can I collaborate with other musicians and filmmakers?

There are a few different ways to connect with other creatives on the platform.

The first place to start should be the project briefs page.
Here you’ll find project briefs from Twine members who want to hire creatives to work with. Pitch to any that take your fancy, or post your own notice up.

With our search feature you can search for people or roles using the search bar at the top, or browse through projects that you're interested in to find creative people. You can do a search for a particular role that you're looking for (eg music producer) or search for a certain genre (eg house music) and then investigate who made it. Once you find someone you like, follow them or send them a message if you want to work with them.

Our recommended people page lets you find like-minded creatives or connect with creators from different professional backgrounds, from photographers to filmmakers and music producers to graphic designers. You can also follow your SoundCloud, Twitter and Google+ contacts who already use Twine.


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