What are lists?

Whether you want to save a project for later, or create a playlist for listening to on that commute home, lists are easy to use.  


Each project page has an add to list button where you can add that project to a new or existing list. You can find this button just under the project details on the project page - it's grey with a plus icon.  Click to add the project to a list.

To play your lists, go to the lists tab on your profile or via manage uploads by clicking your profile picture in the top right of the navigation bar.


In our iOS apps, lists have a handy extra feature. When you first play an audio or video project, you can then press the play button in the top right of the screen to access a now playing list. The now playing list has two variations. When you play a project from your home and then press the play button, the now playing list will show a list of all projects on your home page.


When you navigate to someone’s profile and play a project from there, instead of viewing all the projects from your home page, you will only see the projects that from user. It’s a handy way to play projects from your favourite filmmakers or musicians.

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