Import your projects from Vimeo and SoundCloud

Follow these steps to import your tracks from SoundCloud or videos from Vimeo:

Firstly, you'll need to be logged in. Then, go to your settings page by clicking on the dropdown menu in the top right of the main navigation bar - the button is a small picture of your profile picture.

Choose settings from the menu options.
On the settings page choose social connections from the left-hand menu
In the social connections section look under the second heading - Media Accounts
You'll see options to connect to either SoundCloud or Vimeo, click the blue connect button - you'll then be connected to your SoundCloud or Vimeo account.
Once connected, click the blue import from SoundCloud or Vimeo button and this will import your media.

*Please note that private tracks or videos can't be imported and a Vimeo Plus membership is required to import from Vimeo. Videos that aren't downloadable won't be imported either.

Once your media has begun importing it'll need to be processed so you'll be able to see them on your manage uploads page whilst they're processing -

When your imports are done processing you'll be able to see them on your profile page -

They'll appear under the uploads tab until you credit your role on them - it's possible to bulk credit projects so that you don't have to go through them individually. For more information on credits see these articles:

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