Export your projects to Vimeo, SoundCloud and YouTube

If you upload your projects to other services like SoundCloud, YouTube or Vimeo, we can make things easier for you. You can upload to these other services straight from your own Twine account. No need to rack your brain for all those forgotten passwords. Through Twine you can export your projects to Vimeo, YouTube and SoundCloud.*

Once you have linked the accounts from your settings page, you're good. Scroll down to the Settings & Social Connections section to link your accounts. You need never request a forgotten password again.

Follow these steps to export to Vimeo, YouTube and SoundCloud:
  • When you upload a project, click on the advanced settings button, which will expand to show the advanced settings options.
  • Click distribute your project and edit the toggle buttons for the services that you want to distribute to - select YES for services that you want your projects to be exported to.

* Note that you can only export video projects to Vimeo, and you must have a Vimeo Plus membership. 
* You can export both audio and video files to YouTube.

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