How to get recommended

To help our members discover great creatives we have our Staff Picks page. If you're interested in becoming a Staff Pick, we've put together a list of 7 ways to get your portfolio noticed and recommended:
  1. We recommend members who consistently publish great quality projects and collaborate on projects with other Twine members. It’s the very essence of Twine. If you create great projects, we sit up and take notice.
  2. Make sure you have detailed project descriptions complete with hashtags. It helps get your project discovered. You can't have a good project without a good description. Think of a hashtag as a way to categorise your project (for example #indie). This article will tell you more about how to use hashtags.
  3. Your project cover art is going to be the first thing other members see. It helps to have something that looks professional and attractive. An album cover or photo is perfect. Or if it’s a film then maybe a great still from one of the scenes.
  4. Give your portfolio some character. Add a cover photo and great biography that explains who you are and what you do to give members the best chance of finding you and your creative projects.
  5. Credit yourself on projects that you were involved with. Projects you are credited on will show up in your credits tab on your profile. Click here to read more about credits on Twine.
  6.  Tweet to us with a link to your project, a description, and the hashtag, “#TwineStaffPick” and we’ll check it out and consider it for our weekly Staff Pick collection.
  7. We also give special consideration to those users who have implemented our tab on their Facebook page.


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