What are credits?

Credits are a list of everyone who worked on a project. Credits work by allowing you to tag your role on a project. For example, if you worked as a vocalist on a track, you should credit yourself as a vocalist.

That way everyone recognises the contribution you made to a project, and you start to build up a history of your work which gets added to your portfolio. You can add more than one role to a project, and you can credit yourself on a project even if you didn't upload it. Find out about how to add credits here


If you were the only person that worked on a project, just credit yourself but if other people worked with you can credit them too so they get recognition for the work they did.

Credits allow you and your work to be found easily on Twine, which means you've got a better chance of being hired by buyers on freelance projects.

If you upload projects but don't credit them, they won't appear on your portfolio. So, it's important to add credits to all of your projects.

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