Collaboration Rules

If you're looking for people to work with on your next project, you can post up your project brief on the project briefs page. You might be able to pay someone or want to collaborate together for free.

We’ve added the rules to make collaboration really simple and easy to use.

  1. Only post briefs for a creative project.
  2. Don't post adverts or promotion about yourself or a company - e.g offering beats for sale is not allowed. 
  3. Adding a budget means that you will pay people for their collaboration.
  4. Include important information such as the equipment and genre that you’re looking for. Use #hashtags to categorize this.
  5. Only add links to Twine portfolios and projects - any SoundCloud, YouTube, e-mails or similar will be deleted.
  6. Make sure you have a bio, cover image and profile photo on your portfolio.


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