What's the project briefs page?


Finding work on the projects page 


The project briefs page is a place to find projects you can work on. You might be a filmmaker and you find a rock band who are looking for a new music video, or a start-up who need an explainer video. Or, you might be a graphic designer and find a company that wants a new logo. 

You might want to collaborate with other creatives for free to build up your experience or have fun. Alternatively, there is paid work which is marked with a green budget label – these briefs tend to be more competitive so make sure your portfolio looks awesome to be in with a better chance.

When you find the right project to work on, simply click the Pitch button. You should explain why you're the best person for the project - your ideas, your experience and what skills you can bring to the table. 

If you're accepted, you can send and receive files on Twine. When it's finished, our payments system makes getting paid secure and easy. 

Once you've completed the work, don't forget to post it back on Twine and properly credit each other.

Posting a Project Brief


Use the project briefs page to post a new project brief. For example, you might be a rapper looking for a music producer to work with on a new track, or a band who need a filmmaker for a new music video.

You might be able to pay someone for this or want to collaborate together for free. Paid work is clearly marked on the page with a green budget label.

  1. To get started to the project briefs page.
  2. Click the manage briefs button in the top right-hand corner, then click the post a project brief button in the modal.
  3. Select the skill that you're looking for: enter a role into the box, for example, a music producer, film editor, graphic designer. Click next.
  4. Answer any brief specification questions and then give a description of your project. Be as specific as possible so that the right people apply. For example mentioning equipment, genre, art styles are all relevant here. 
  5. If you're paying someone for their services check the "I will pay for this project" box. 
  6. Click add brief and your request will go live.
  7. Be patient and the pitches will start coming in. You can then easily manage your brief on your dashboard. When you accept someone, make sure to ask the creative for regular updates to see how the work is going - we recommend you use Twine messages for safety. You can receive their files through Twine, using Dropbox.
  8. When they've finished, payment is handled safely and securely through Twine. 
    Make sure to check the rules before you post. You can read them by clicking here.
We're on hand at every step of the process if you need help with anything. Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance. 

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