What's my portfolio?

Every Twine member has a portfolio page where other members can view their projects, their bio, profile picture and other information. It's your space to show off what you do as a creative.

To see your portfolio, click your profile picture in the far-right of the main navigation menu. Select 'portfolio' from the drop down menu.

You can:
  • Upload any creative work to your portfolio - audio, video, images, files - anything.
  • Show off your best work by setting up to 3 projects as featured projects.
  • Tell other people about yourself by adding a good bio and a list of your skills.
  • Customise your cover photo and profile picture.
  • Keep all of your public lists in one place.
  • Advertise yourself as available for work.

As long as you're credited on your projects, they'll appear on your portfolio page (even if you're not the original uploader), so it's a really comprehensive history of your creative work. If you upload work to Twine but don't credit it, it won't appear on your portfolio page. Learn more about credits here.

Be sure to make your portfolio page the best you can; buyers will view your portfolio and it could be a big influence on whether they decide to hire you or not. Good looking portfolios get more work, it's a no-brainer.

We also prevent people with empty portfolios from pitching on projects on Twine. No buyer wants to see an empty portfolio when they're deciding who to hire, so we insist on having full portfolios if you want to pitch. Learn more about pitching here.

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