How do I add credits?

You should add credits to all of your projects. If you upload a project without adding a credit to it, it won't appear on your portfolio.

If you created your project by yourself, then just credit yourself. But if others helped you, you should credit their roles too. That way everyone's contribution is recorded and everyone gets the recognition they deserve.

You can read more about what credits are, here.

Add credits to your own projects by following these steps:

During upload:

Add credits to your projects when you upload them.
  • Scroll down to the credits section (under the description) and enter your role.
  • Start typing your role in the box - you'll see suggested roles and you'll be able to select from the list. You can add more than one role.
  • If your role doesn't appear in the list, let us know and we can add it in.
  • Click the green 'add my credit' button.
  • Your credit will appear on the right.
  • If you didn't work on that project then click 'I didn't work on this project'.
  • Enter the names of the people who did work on your project. Enter their Twine username into the box. As you type you'll see a list of suggested Twine members appear, and you can select the right person from that list.
  • If they're not a member of Twine yet, you can add in their email address or Twitter username (you must be connected to Twitter to do this), and we'll send them a quick email invite to join.
  • In the second box type the role that those people played - you can add more than one role per person.
  • Click the green 'add credits' button.
  • Your credit will appear on the right.

From the edit project page:

Add credits after you've uploaded, from the edit project page.
  • Head to your manage uploads page (you can find this in the drop-down menu on the far-right of the main navigation menu - the button is your profile picture). 
  • Follow the steps from During Upload to add your credits.

Add credits to a project you didn't upload:

You can add credits to projects that you didn't upload, too. If someone else has uploaded a project you worked on, you can add your credits by following these steps:
  • Head to the project page
  • Click the blue 'did you work on this?' button on the left.
  • Follow the steps from During Upload to add your credit
  • You can add credits for other people too, if you know they also worked on that project

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