What are followers?

Twine is a network for creative people and we're very proud to have a community of over 130,000 creatives. 

Twine is all about being able to connect with creatives from all over the world, and we encourage our members to build their own networks of creative contacts. Members can follow each other as a way of connecting with each other. When you find another member that you like, whether you like their work, want to collaborate with them or if they're someone you know, you can follow them. Following another member means that their activity will appear on your home feed - you'll see any new projects they upload, comments they make and projects they like. If someone follows you, that means they'll see your activity in their home feed, too.

To follow someone, all you need to do is click the grey 'Follow' button. You'll see them dotted around the site in various places, for example, you can find a follow button on their profile page, on the left-hand side under the cover image. Once you've clicked, the button will turn green.

To unfollow someone, all you need to do is click that green 'Following' button again, and you'll see it turn back to grey.

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