How do I upload a project?

On Twine you can upload a new project from your computer or device, or import your projects from another service like SoundCloud or Vimeo.

For more information on importing, see our help article.

To upload a new project from your computer or device, follow these steps, or watch out how-to video on YouTube -
  • Click the upload button in the main navigation bar
  • Drag and drop your files into the upload area, or select files from your computer or device. Remember, you can upload more than one project at once, and there's no upload limits. You're also free to upload any file type that you like - music, film, photography, artwork, documents - anything.
  • Whilst your projects are uploading, you can edit their details. Enter a title, description (remember to use hashtags - there are some suggested ones to the right of the description).
  • You can add a new project cover image or change the existing one by hovering over the cover image and selecting the grey arrow icon that appears in the bottom right corner of the image.
  • Next, add credits for those who worked on your projects.
  • You can tinker with the advanced settings too. For more information on advanced settings, read our help article.
  • Once the project has completed uploading, the publish button at the bottom will turn green, and you can click it to make your project live. 
  • If you don't have time to enter the project details now, you can of course skip this and do it later. Just make sure your uploads at least have a title, and then hit the green Publish button.
  • Remember, you can change your project details at any time by going to your manage uploads page.


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