Why can't I import my tracks from SoundCloud?

If you're trying to import your tracks from SoundCloud, but you're seeing a message that says 'unable to import new media from SoundCloud - no new media found', even though you have tracks to import from your SoundCloud account, there could be a couple of things going on here.

Firstly, are your tracks on SoundCloud set to public? We can't import tracks from SoundCloud that are set to private. Check this, then retry.

If your tracks are set to public, check that your imports aren't on your manage uploads page (https://www.twine.is/manageuploads). Once new material is detected on SoundCloud, it'll be sent to your manage uploads page for processing. You'll see the message that says 'no new media' when you click import, because your tracks are already in our system waiting to be processed.

Sometimes processing can take a while depending on the number of tracks, their size and the number of other people's tracks that are in the queue to be processed.

If you're still getting the message that says you can't find new media, but there's nothing in your waiting to process list, please let us know and we'll look into the issue for you.

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