How to use Hashtags

Hashtags help you to search and discover on Twine. Hashtags are keywords prefixed by the # symbol, for example #director.

When you're writing your project description or your portfolio bio, remember to add hashtags to relevant key words that people could search for. This will help people to discover you and your projects when they search - you'll show up in search results for that hashtag.

For example, if you're a banjo player, you could add the hashtag #banjo into your bio on your profile page. When anyone searches for #banjo, your profile will show up in the list of search results. It's really quite simple.

You can use multiple hashtags to describe many aspects of your project or portfolio. For example, you should hashtag the important details like what sort of media your project is (#music), what genre or style it is (#hiphop), what role you played on the project (#musicproducer), and anything else unique or interesting about your project.

In your portfolio bio you should hashtag important keywords that describe you, such as your skills (#photographer) and your location (#Birmingham).

Just remember that hashtags are all one word, no spaces, and it doesn't matter whether you capitalise new words or not - #alloneword #CapsOrNot, just try not to use hashtags like this #mUsIcPrOdUcEr as they're really hard for people to read.

To search for a hashtag, all you need to do is enter the hashtag in the search box in the main navigation bar, hit enter, and that will show you results from the site that have that hashtag.

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