How do I search on Twine?

You can use our search tool to find people or projects on Twine.

Our search box can be found in the far-right section of our main navigation bar. Enter your search terms and hit enter.

You can search for a general term such as hip hop, or use a hashtag for more precise results (like, #hiphop). You can search for roles (Director, Musician, Photographer etc). You can also search for people, and if you know their Twine username, you can enter that and go straight to their portfolio page (for example enter @twine and you'll go straight to our portfolio page!).

Once you start typing you'll see our suggested results menu pop down. Based on what you've typed we'll give suggestions, and if you see what you're looking for in the menu, select it to be taken to the page or search results. We'll show; members, projects, roles and hashtags.

If you don't see your search term in our suggested menu, just type what you're looking for and hit enter. Let's pretend you're searching for 'piano'. You'll see the results overview page which shows top people results (people who have 'piano' in their bio or have projects which are tagged with 'piano' in the description) and top project results (projects which have 'piano' tagged in the description).

You'll see a filter menu just above the results - this menu allows you to select a role and see people who have been tagged with that role, that also are tagged with 'piano'. For example, you might want to select 'pianist' or 'musician'. This step is optional - you don't have to use the filter menu.

To see projects tagged with 'piano', select projects from the left-hand menu. This will show you all the projects on the site tagged with 'piano'.

To see people tagged with 'piano', select people from the left-hand menu. This will show you all the people on the site tagged with 'piano'.

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