How do I submit a pitch for a project?

So you've seen a fantastic project on our project briefs page that you want to get involved with? The next step is to submit your pitch to be involved.

To pitch for a project, click the ‘Pitch’ button on a project brief and write your pitch. Make sure you explain why you’d be the perfect candidate, why they should hire you, and ensure your portfolio looks great. Click send when you're done and the project owner will get a notification to say that you've pitched:

If the project doesn't have a fixed price, you'll be asked 'what's your price for this project?' This is your offer to the buyer of what you expect to be paid for a project of that scope. 

Project owners have up to 14 days to receive pitches on their project briefs and to decide who to work with. If your pitch is successful you'll get a notification to say you've been accepted, and from there you can start working together.

If you're unsuccessful don't let it get you down - it happens to us all. Try asking for feedback and comments on why you weren't selected. You'll probably get some useful constructive criticism that'll help you next time around. Take a look at your portfolio page - is it looking the best it can be? Your portfolio is an advert for yourself so make sure it's saying good things about you. See our FAQ section for details of how to get the best from your portfolio.

If you are accepted, you can follow up and speak with the project owner on the messages page. When the project owner is happy with your work, send them the finished project files through Twine. If it's a paid project, your buyer will send payment through Twine via PayPal (other payment methods coming soon), you will be notified by e-mail, and should send across the final version of the project. It's important you use Twine for this process so you are protected.

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