What are pitches?

When you post a project brief, creatives will pitch if they want to get involved with your project. They'll tell you what they can do for you and why they think they're right for the job. If you've chosen to receive offers on a brief, they'll also pitch in with a proposed budget. 

It's then up to you to choose the person you want to work with, from the creatives who have pitched to get involved.

You'll get a notification by email when you receive a new pitch. You can manage your pitches from the project brief page. Head to your manage briefs page, then click the 'view brief' button on the project you want to manage. Then you'll see the project brief details page - scroll down and you'll see all the pitches that you've had on that project.

If you want to work with that person, click accept. If they're not right for the job, click decline. When you accept someone, all your other pitches will be automatically declined - so think carefully! 

You've got 14 days to accept or decline a brief. After this, the pitch will expire. 

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