How do I add a licence to my project?

You can add a creative commons licence to your projects. You can add a licence either during upload or when you edit your existing projects.

During upload:

- On the page where you enter your project details, scroll down to advanced settings.
- Click to expand the section
- Select 'control your project'
- Click the dropdown menu under 'set a licence', and select whichever creative commons licence you want to apply.

If you've already uploaded your project, you can set a licence by going to manage uploads (

- Then, find the project that you want to edit. Look to the right and you'll see a cog icon button with a drop-down arrow.
- Click the cog button and select edit from the menu.
- Scroll down to advanced settings and follow the steps from above.

For more information on creative commons licences, see this website:

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