How do I edit my project thumbnail?

You can edit the thumbnail of any of your projects. Here's how:

- Go to your manage uploads page. You can find it in the drop down menu on the main navigation (the button is your profile picture on the far right)
- Find the project that you want to edit. Look over to the far right, and you'll see a menu button with a cog icon. Select edit from the drop down menu.
- In the top section, you'll see a preview of your thumbnail. Hover over this image and you'll see options for editing the image:

- If your project is an image, you'll see a button in the bottom left corner like this:

- Click the button to re-crop your image thumbnail. This won't affect the whole project. You'll still be able to see the full image when you click to zoom in.

- If your project is an audio, video or other type or file, you'll see two buttons in the bottom right and left corners, like this:

- Click the crop button in the bottom left corner to re-crop your thumbnail.
- Click the upload button in the bottom right corner to upload a new thumbnail.

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