How do I choose the right creative for my project?

Once your project brief is live, creatives will send pitches to work with you on your project. You'll get an email notifications when this happens, and you can track all of your pitches from your manage project brief page. Read our guide on how to post a project brief if you haven't already.

Pitches are an application to work on your project. Creatives should tell you why they want to be involved and what makes them a suitable candidate.

Once the pitches start coming in, you need to decide who to work with. It's important to act quickly when you receive pitches. The best creatives will soon get snapped up to work on other projects, so don't leave them hanging. You've got 14 days to accept or decline a brief before it expires. You can reply to the pitch message and ask them more in-depth questions or take a look at examples of their work on their portfolio page to help you reach a decision.

Their rating will also give you a good indication of whether they're a good freelancer to work with. Previous buyers will leave a rating out of 5 stars, which you can see on their portfolio page.

It's also a good idea to choose a freelancer who has a verified profile. You can tell a verified profile by the blue badge next to their name, or in the bio section of their portfolio page. Twine members can verify their portfolio to confirm their identity, and can indicate a freelancer who is more trustworthy.

When you've found the right person, go to your manage briefs page (find this in the drop down menu in the main navigation bar - the button is your profile picture) to accept them.

Now, you'll see all of your project briefs. Click on the brief that you want to accept people on.

You'll be taken to that project brief page. You'll see your project brief details, and under it will be all of the people who have pitched to work on your project.

When you see the person that you want to work with, click the green accept button to accept their pitch.
If you're having trouble deciding, you can click the red decline button to create a shortlist of candidates. Once you accept the right creative, they'll receive a notification to tell them their pitch was successful and they've been accepted.

When you accept, all other pitches will be removed from the brief. Your project brief will now be taken down from the project briefs page.

Now the fun part - once you've accepted people you can start working on your project!

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