How do I invite a creative to work on my project?

If you see a creative that you'd like to hire on Twine, you can invite them to work on your project. This will privately invite them to your project brief. The creative will then get back to say whether or not they're interested or available to work for you.

To invite a creative to your project brief, follow these steps:

Head to their portfolio page.
Look to the right and you'll see a blue 'hire me' button:

Click the button, and you'll see a dropdown like this:

You'll have the option to invite the creative to an existing project brief if you have any, or create a new project to invite them to.

If you invite them to one of your existing project briefs, the invite will be sent off automatically.

If you want to create a new project brief to invite the creative to, we'll ask a few questions about your project, then send them an invite.

You'll get a response via email notification, so keep an eye on your inbox.

Find creatives to invite by heading on our search page -

Manage your projects from your project briefs page -

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