How do I manage my project on Twine?

You can use Twine to manage your project from start to finish. Start by heading to your manage briefs page.

Here you'll see a list of all your projects on Twine, whether they're in progress or completed. Find the project that you want to manage, and click the view project button.

Now, you'll see the project details page with your brief details on the left, and the manage project options on the right. At the top you'll see a banner which outlines your next steps.

 The first step to get the ball rolling is always to contact your creative and give them any additional details about the project that they'll need to get started. Make sure they have all the requirements they need, and then they'll get to work.

You can message your creative by clicking the message button under their details (you'll find their details under your brief details on the left hand side of the page). Or, you can use your messages page to talk to your creative.

When you receive an email notification to say that your creative has sent you a message, you can reply to them directly, by replying to the email, no need to visit the Twine messages page. You can use our iOS app or mobile website for messaging on the go, meaning your project is never delayed or held up whilst you're away from your computer.

Whilst your project is underway, you should check in with your creative regularly. They should give you progress updates which will show you how the project is going and give you a chance to give your feedback. You should reply promptly when your freelancer asks you questions - not doing so could delay the project.

Your freelancer may use Twine's file sharing system to show you drafts of how the project is coming along. These will probably be watermarked or protected in some way. On Twine we encourage our creatives to protect their work until they've received payment. Don't worry, your final files won't be marked in this way. 

You can also use Twine's file sharing system to share files with your freelancer, should you need to.

Once you're happy with your project, it's time to send payment. Select 'send payment' from the right-hand panel. You'll then be taken through the steps to send payment. Twine holds onto your payment until your creative has sent you your final project files.

Once you send payment, we'll notify your creative, and then they'll upload your final project files through Twine. Once they've done this, we'll release your payment to them.

So, now your project is complete! All that's left to do now is to rate your creative, then share your project on Twine. Did you know we showcase the 3 best collaborations every week on our staff picks page?


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