Why should I use Twine messages?

There are lots of other perfectly ways to communicate over the internet, so why stick to  Twine messages?

We introduced Twine messages to help make it easier to contact your creative and manage your project all from one place! Projects can become unmanageable when your correspondence, files and documents are spread across lots of different services. So keep everything easy, manageable and in one place by using our messaging system.

You can access your messages inbox and send new messages from your messages page. Or, you can simply reply directly to any Twine message notification email that you receive to make things even simpler.

Use our iOS app or mobile website to respond to messages on the go.

Twine messages also help you stay safe. If you encounter a problem, the Twine staff can refer, with your permission, to message history to help resolve a dispute. This isn't possible if you take your messaging outside of the platform.

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