Why should I pay through Twine?

We encourage buyers to pay their creatives through Twine.

We introduced Twine payments to make it easier to manage your project from start to finish. Now you can manage every aspect of your project with Twine, including payment. At the click of a button you can send payment to your creative. No messing around with bank details or payment systems. It's our mission to make your project go as smoothly and as quickly as possible.

Sending payment through Twine is also a safer option. We recommend using PayPal to pay your creative, which offers an additional layer of safety and security when paying online. 

Twine protects both the buyer and seller during the delicate phase of payment. When you send a payment through Twine, we hold it in escrow until your creative has sent their final project files to you. That way you can be sure your creative won't make off with your money without sending your project first.

Likewise, to protect the creative, we don't release your final project files until you have sent payment through Twine.

Although we ask that you connect your PayPal account in order to hire a creative through Twine, we don't take any payment until the project is finished. And, only when you're 100% happy with the work you receive.

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