How do I communicate safely through Twine?

On Twine we want our members to be able to communicate with each other safely and securely. This is why we have Twine messages

Twine messages let you talk to any other Twine member through the platform. Twine lets you manage your project all from one place - your project brief, messages and files are all together.

You can also reply to Twine messages right from your email inbox. No need to log in and visit your message inbox. Just hit reply, and type the email as you normally would.* Twine keeps your private email address safe and secure, so you don't have to share any of your personal information. 

What's more, the Twine staff are always a click away. We are here for any help you might need throughout your project's process.

Twine messages are seamlessly built into your workflow. Meaning, you never have to share your personal information with any other Twine member, keeping you safe and secure.

Twine does not recommend sharing any personal information with other members. Any member that does, does so at their own risk. We always advise keeping information such as private email address, phone number, address, skype, chat IDs, bank details etc private. When you use Twine, there's no need to share this information. If anyone puts pressure on you to give this information away, it could be a sign that they're not legitimate and should be reported to Twine immediately.

*Please note that you can't send files through Twine email messages. You can send files from your message inbox - just click the grey button next to 'send files'.

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