Buyers: Tips for staying safe on Twine

Twine strives to be a safe environment for our buyers. Here are some handy tips for staying safe on Twine:

1. Review a creative before you accept:
When you post a project on Twine, many creatives will pitch to be involved. You should choose the best creative for the job. Look at their portfolios, asses their previous work and look at their rating. Their portfolio should be verified too Creatives who have blank portfolios may not be up to the job. You can ask creatives with blank portfolios to add examples of their previous work to their portfolios for you to look at.

Remember, you can ask the Twine staff for help with this at any point. Get in touch with us through the support centre.

2. Don't accept creatives who undercut:
Sometimes creatives will offer to undercut the price you have set as your budget. Don't feel tempted to accept these creatives. It's often a sign of unprofessional and inexperience that leads creatives to do this, so you could end up with poor work as a result.

3. Twine messages:
Use Twine messages when communicating with your creative. Twine messages keep both buyer and creative safe and secure throughout the process. For more information, see our article on Twine messages.

4. Twine payments:
Twine payments keep both buyer and creative safe during the handing over of the final project files. Twine holds payments in escrow until the final project files have been received, preventing the scenario where a creative can disappear without sending the final project files to their buyer. 

If you choose to use an external payment method, Twine can't guarantee your safety.

5. Don't give out your personal information:
It goes without saying. Don't give out your personal information over the internet. This includes bank details, home address, phone number, private email address, chat IDs etc.

6. Don't ask creatives to work for free:
Creatives should be paid for any creative work they undertake for you. Twine creatives are instructed to report buyers who ask them to complete projects for free.


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