What should I do if my buyer asks me to move to private email?

Imagine the situation. You've pitched on a project and you're in conversation with a buyer who looks like they want to hire you. Then they hit you with a Twine message that says this:

"Let's move this conversation to email. Here's my private email address: buyer@123.com."

What should you do? You don't want to let your buyer down, especially since the prospect of securing work is so close. But, moving to private email could also compromise your safety so you should tread carefully.

Buyers who want to move to private email often do so to avoid payment. Or worse, it could be a sign that they're involved in a scam, or working with multiple creatives for free.

If a buyer asks you to move to email to continue discussing the project, make them aware that Twine messages can be used over email too. Twine messages keep your private email addresses safe and secure, so there's no need to share personal data with anyone.

When a notification of a new message comes into your inbox, simply hit reply like you would to any other email. A copy will also be recorded in your Twine messages inbox.

So, your conversation can be managed directly from your inbox instead of logging into your Twine account. Which makes the process faster and smoother for everyone. 

If your buyer still insists that you move to private email, please report them to Twine immediately. It's highly likely they're not a legitimate buyer.

*Please note that it's not possible to send files through Twine messages via your email inbox. Instead, you can send files by logging into Twine and heading to your messages inbox. Click the grey button next to 'send files' at the top of the conversation.

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