What should I do if my buyer wants to pay outside Twine?

If your buyer suggests paying outside of Twine, think twice before proceeding.

Twine payments ensure safety for both buyer and creative. If you opt out of this system, there's little Twine can do to help if something goes wrong.

If you find your buyer is suggesting you pay outside of Twine, it could be an indication of a scam, or that the buyer wants to try and avoid sending payment altogether. This should be reported to Twine immediately.

When a buyer sends a payment through Twine payments, it's held in escrow until the final project files have been received by the buyer and they're completely happy with everything. When all is completed, Twine releases the payment to the creative. This system protects everyone involved. It ensures creatives get paid for their work, and buyers needn't worry about creatives bailing before they receive their final files.

Twine payments can also be used to send payment upfront before work has begun. We know some creatives like to work in this way, and it's possible with Twine payments. All your buyer needs to do is send payment through Twine, and this will be held in escrow until the project is completed.

If your buyer has concerns about using the Twine payment system, feel free to discuss them with a member of the Twine staff - we're always on hand to help.

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