Why do I need to fill out my profile?

If you're here on Twine as a buyer to hire creative talent for your projects, you might think it's a waste of time filling out all the details in your profile. That's where you'd be wrong.

In reality, buyers who have complete profiles with profile pictures, cover images, bios and locations are more likely to get top quality creatives pitching on their projects.

Why is this?

Because, a completed profile makes you look more trustworthy. Top quality creatives are busy people and will only invest their time in a project if they think it's legitimate. Buyers who have empty profiles with no information or profile pictures look untrustworthy. Compare these two images:

This first image is of an empty buyer's portfolio. This buyer has not completed their profile and it's empty. There's no profile picture, no cover image, no location or bio. It looks inactive. Has the buyer just abandoned their profile? Are they still looking for creative freelancers? It's hard to tell.

You might think this sort of information is unnecessary for buyers - after all you're only here to find creatives and complete your projects. However, it's important to remember that when you post a project brief on Twine, creatives are assessing you as much as you are assessing them. They're looking for a buyer who looks trustworthy and legitimate. And unfortunately this profile fails on all of those counts. 

Information such as bio and location helps creatives to decide whether you're a good match for them. They may be looking to work with people close by or in certain industries only. If this information is missing from your profile, creatives won't take the time to ask. They'll just pass you by and pitch on the next project that comes along.

This second buyer profile has been filled out. Instantly, you can see it's much more attractive. The friendly face gives an instant human connection making the whole profile feel more trustworthy:

Creatives can instantly see the buyer, know where they're based, and what they do from their picture, location and bio. Creatives will be asking questions such as; do we speak the same language? Are we in different timezones? What does this person do for a living? By filling out your profile, creatives can get those answers instantly and feel reassured. This buyer has even added an example of their previous artwork to their profile. This is a good way to let creatives know what style of work you like.

What's more, the information that's contained in your profile affects the way your project brief appears to creatives:

As you can see from these projects, the first one has a profile that's empty. It has a blank profile picture which makes the project look dubious and untrustworthy. Creatives may pass this by if they begin to doubt its legitimacy.

The second project brief is exactly the same, but with a profile picture. Instantly you can see the project looks more legitimate and trustworthy - this one will attract the best creatives. Your project brief will be in direct competition with others on the Twine projects page, so give yourself the best possible start by making sure your project brief looks as good as it possibly can.

So you can see, it's important to spend a few minutes filling out your profile. You could be missing out on the best creatives if you don't. On Twine, profiles aren't just for creatives looking to show off their work in a portfolio. They're and equally important way of letting buyers show they're legitimate business people and ensuring you attract the best talent for your project.

It's quick and easy to fill out your profile details. Head to your settings page, and select portfolio settings from the left hand menu. Fill in the sections such as profile picture, cover image, bio and location. Your changes will be auto saved.

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