Why can't I verify my portfolio?

There are a number of reasons why you might not be able to verify your Twine portfolio:

Verifying with Facebook:
If you're trying to verify your Twine account with your Facebook profile, your Facebook profile will need to be public. This article will explain how to verify your account with Facebook.

Where is your Twine portfolio link?
If you're using one of your social network accounts to verify your Twine portfolio, the link to your Twine portfolio needs to be contained within the about or bio section of your social network profile. If you post the link to your Twine portfolio in a post or on your feed etc, our code won't be able to find it and your account will not be verified.

Are you using the right link?
If you've pasted your Twine portfolio link into an about section or bio section, make sure you're using the right link to verify with on Twine. For example, if you put your Twine link into your about section on Facebook, you'll need to make sure the link you use to verify includes this, eg:




Is your website or blog too Javascript heavy?
If your website or blog uses a lot of Javascript and is very Javascript heavy, our code won't be able to find the link to your Twine portfolio on there. You'll need to try another way to verify your Twine portfolio.

You can use any of your social networks to verify your account - Facebook, Twitter, Behance, Tumblr, Instagram, Dribbble, SoundCloud... etc.

If you're still having trouble verifying your Twine portfolio, please get in touch with us.

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