What kind of creative do I need for my project?

If you're new to the business of hiring creatives, you may be struggling to figure out what kind of creative you actually need for your project. Don't worry, we're here to talk you through the basics and help you figure it out:

Graphic designer:
Graphic designers use computer based software to create digital artwork for a variety of projects. 
They can make projects either for print or digital. Typically, a graphic designer can create logos, business cards, brochures, banners, posters, packaging, digital design, adverts, presentation, reports

Graphic designers can often do some illustration work as well, such as icons and banners.

Illustrators create illustrations. Different illustrators can create work in different styles from hand drawn to digital. Illustrations can be created for almost any project from book illustrations to adverts to posters to websites and more.

An animator is an artist who creates moving images. Different animators have different styles of working. An animator can work in a variety of fields including film & TV, advertising, digital and video games. Animations can be created either digitally or using physical techniques such as stop motion or claymation.

Music Producer:
A music producer manages the recording, mixing and mastering of music. They have a variety of roles including gathering ideas for the project, giving advice, selecting session musicians, and supervising the entire process from start to finish. They can produce one individual track, or an entire album. 

A vocalist uses their voice to produce music. Also known as a singer. They can sing either solo or together. Vocalists can be hired to work on anything from radio jingles to recorded music to live performances.

Audio Engineer:
An audio engineer works with the technical aspects of sound during the sound recording, mixing and and production. Audio engineers often help artists to achieve the sort of sound they're looking for. 

A videographer is someone who is hired to film videos for TV, internet and film. Videographers usually work with smaller technology, like handheld cameras, and are usually part of a larger film crew. Videographers typically work on smaller projects, such as live events and small scale productions. 

A filmmaker is someone who is in charge of making, leading and developing film productions. Filmmakers take the lead, seeing the production through from concept to completion. They are responsible for the artistic direction of the film, making sure actors' strengths are being highlighted. They can often be responsible for the financial management of the film too.

Camera operator:
A camera operator is someone who records images as film. They can work on a variety of different film and TV genres from documentary, to live performance to motion pictures and music videos. They will, often alongside a director, choose interesting footage to be filmed. They work as part of a team and often have assistants operating under them.

A photographer is an artist who specialises in taking photographs with a digital or film camera. They can be employed to work on a range of different projects. Projects include; landscape and architectural, weddings & events, corporate, product shoots, fashion and beauty, portrait, wildlife, sport, food, travel and more.

Image Editor:
An image editor's job is to edit a pre-existing image. This is done on digital software. They can edit anything from photographs (airbrushing or re-touching) to vector artwork.

If you're still not sure what creative you need for your project, get in touch with us and we can help you out.

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