Creatives - How do I send files through Twine?

To help you manage your project, you can send and receive files through Twine. All you need is a Dropbox account or a URL link to wherever your file is stored (eg Google Drive, OneDrive etc). Twine looks out for creatives by keeping your final project files secure until your buyer has sent payment through Twine. For this reason we always recommend using Twine to transfer your project files.

Head to your manage brief page, then scroll down to 'send files' on the left-hand side:

Then you'll see this message modal:

If you're sending the final project files, click yes. If you're only sending draft files, click no. This is Twine's way of protecting you, the creative. When you send your final project files through Twine, we hold onto them until your buyer has sent payment through Twine. This protects you from buyers who want to take work without sending payment. So, it's very important to click yes when you send your final project files. Draft project files can be accessed by buyers at any time.

For more information on protection, see our guide on how to protect your creative work

Once you've chosen whether or not you're sending draft or final files, you'll see this message:

Click the button to send files via Dropbox, or paste the URL to your file (for example, Google Drive, One Drive etc). Your buyer will get an email notification to say they have new files to download.

You can check which files you've uploaded to your buyer on your manage brief page. Look down to your files section, and you'll see your files listed there:


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