Creatives - How do I manage my project on Twine?

You can use Twine to manage your project from start to finish. Start by heading to your manage pitches page.

Here you'll see a list of all your pitches on Twine, whether they're pending, accepted or completed. Find the project that you want to manage, and click the view project button.

Now, you'll see the project details page with the brief details on the left, and the manage project options on the right.

Once your pitch is accepted by your buyer, it's time to get down to work. We don't recommend starting work on a project until your pitch has been accepted, even if your buyer asks you to. This is because they could easily be working with more than one creative or trying to get work on spec. By accepting only one creative to work on their project, you can be sure they're only working with you. If your buyer wants to work with you, but hasn't accepted your pitch, ask them to do so.

The first step to get the ball rolling is always to contact your buyer and get all the details you need to start the project. Remember to get important details such as deadlines and file types. There's a chance your buyer might not have included everything in their project brief so it's always best to check.

We always recommend communicating with your buyer through Twine messages. You can keep everything easy, manageable and in one place by using our messaging system. With Twine messages there's no need to share private information with your buyer, such as your private email address or phone number etc. Plus, you can easily send Twine messages from your email inbox - just reply to any Twine email message like you would to a normal email. Twine messages also help you stay safe. If you encounter a problem, the Twine staff can refer, with your permission, to message history to help resolve a dispute. This isn't possible if you take your messaging outside of the platform. For more information, see our article on Twine messages.

You can message your buyer from your messages page. You can use our iOS app or mobile website for messaging on the go, meaning your project is never delayed or held up whilst you're out and about.

Whilst your project is underway, you should send your buyer regular progress updates. This will give your buyer a chance to make sure the project is going the way they want.

You can use Twine's file transfer system to send drafts to your buyer. We always recommend protecting your draft files before you send them to your creative, using watermarking or other methods. For more information, see our blog article on how to protect your creative work.

Plus, once your final project is ready, send it through Twine and you'll be protected from buyers who want to take work without payment. Twine keeps your final project files safe and secure until your buyer has sent payment. Find out more about sending files here.

Once your buyer sends payment through Twine, and you upload the final project files, we'll release your payment to you through PayPal. Your buyer can pay at any time during the project, and we will keep this payment safe and secure until the final project files are uploaded to Twine.

So, now your project is complete! All that's left to do now is to rate your buyer, then share your project on Twine. Did you know we showcase the 3 best collaborations every week on our staff picks page?


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