What are deposits?

When you post a brief to hire a creative on Twine, you'll see an option that asks if you'd like to pay a 5% deposit upfront.

The deposit is 5% of your total budget, and will be deducted from your final payment to your creative. It's covered by our money back guarantee as well. So, if you don't end up getting work you love, you'll get your deposit refunded in full.

So why is it good to add a deposit to your project brief? Adding an upfront deposit will help you to attract better quality creatives to your project. When creatives search for projects to pitch on, they're looking for projects that look like a secure source of work. By adding a deposit, you're showing that you're a legitimate business person. 

Top notch creatives will only pitch on briefs that offer this security. In fact, by adding a deposit to your  project brief you are 62% more likely to get more, better quality pitches on your project.

*Deposits are coming soon

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