What's the difference between a collaboration and hiring a creative?

On Twine we have two different ways of working on freelance projects.

Hiring a creative:

Firstly, a buyer can hire a creative freelancer, for a fee, to complete their project. If you choose this option, you'll need to add a budget to your project brief, because you're agreeing to hire them for a fee.

To hire a creative, click the blue Hire a Creative button in the main navigation bar.


There's also the option to work on free projects with other freelancers or buyers through Twine. If you have a project but no budget, you should post a collaboration

Collaborations are free projects, cool side projects or projects you work on to build up your skills.

To post a fee collaboration, go to the projects page (https://www.twine.fm/projects) then click the blue 'Collaboration' button on the top left above the filter menu.

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