To pitch on a job, you need to be a Twine member to contact a client on Twine. To sign up for free, go here: 

If you are already a member, you can sign in here.

Jobs are open to the first 15 pitches submitted. If you’re not able to submit a pitch this means the limit has been reached. Once reached new pitches on these jobs can only be made by Twine Pro member.

We limit pitches to ensure a client does not get too many freelancers contacting them, but also to encourage freelancers to contact clients quickly. 

Turn on email job notifications in your settings.

Your portfolio needs to be populated with examples of your great work.

If you are a designer or illustrator, you need 6 examples, if you're a music producer or composer, or photography, then you'll need 3. If you're a videographer or animator then you'll need 1.

Find out how to upload examples here.

You will also need a verified Twine portfolio. This is to ensure clients get contacted from legitimate and trustworthy freelancers.

Add payout details: Free members and use PayPal as a payout option. Pro members have more payout options including Payoneer, wire transfer and UK bank transfer. You can set your payout method in your settings.

If you're still having trouble pitching, get in touch with us by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right. 

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