You can edit your portfolio from your portfolio page by clicking Edit Portfolio:

Or on mobile devices tap here:

From this edit mode you can edit all of your portfolio details including profile picture, cover image, display name and username, bio and more.

Once you make a changes make sure you click Done or the tick icon on mobile:

Editing profile picture or cover image

It's important you personalise your portfolio. Your profile picture is a great way to do this. We recommend you use a real image of yourself. Nothing sells yourself like showing the world you are a real person.

  • Clicking the pencil icon brings up the uploader for your profile picture or cover image.
  • Once you select a file, or drag and drop a file, you will see a cropping option. Select the area you want to show.
  • Click Done when you are finished.
  • It will then take 1 minute to show across the website (so you may see the old image temporarily).

Please note, we are having issues with a cropper. Sometimes it will show it as worked when it actually has not. The best way to deal with this is to leave a border around the cropping area. We also recommend not using PNG images with transparency.

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