To contact a client on a job you need to be a Twine member. You can sign up here for free.

To apply for the job enter your details on eligible jobs, enter the form in "Contact Client". This will use one pitch of your monthly limit.

But first, you will need to make sure you've set up your account.

Steps to complete before you contact a client:

  1. Make sure you have activated your account by e-mail.
  2. Add a profile picture, your location and a bio to your portfolio.
  3. Set your payout method in your settings.
  4. Any additional steps will be specified in the Twine Ranking banner at the top of your page.

How to send an intro pitch to a client:

How you present yourself to a client is so important. The following sections will be asked of you: (Read our article about how to get your pitch approved)

  • Your message
    This should be a introduction of why you are relevant for this job. Give details of how your experience will help you with this job. If it is a location specific job, highlight that you can work in that location. Add at least one paragraph as an introduction, but often a 2-3 paragraphs works well.
  • What's your fee for this job?
    This is only an initial estimate. Enter the fixed project fee, or your estimated initial payment milestone. Note this will only be in USD or GBP which is set by the client. You can change this after you've spoken with the client by clicking Finalise Pitch by going to the pitch from your Manage Pitches page.
  • Set your deposit rate
    This is the initial payment the client will have to pay. Twine will hold on to the payment until the job is complete and the client has approved payment. This is to give you piece of mind that there are deposit funds guaranteed providing you deliver what was agreed.

Why can't I contact a client?

Some jobs may have reached their application limit (the first 15 applicants) so only Twine Pro members can pitch on those jobs. You can read the reasons why you may not be able to contact a client here.

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