It's great you've found the right freelancer and hired them! If you've not hired them yet, just click Hire next to their name. If you've not posted a job on Twine yet, this explains how


Clear communication between yourself and your freelancer is so important to a successful outcome. You can use Twine messages to get updates from your freelancer or to discuss the job scope or project requirements.

There are lots of other perfectly ways to communicate over the internet, so why should you use Twine messages? Well, you don't have to. In fact, we would always encourage you to use whatever is the best tool to discuss the job with your freelancer, whether that's phone, email or in person.

Twine messages are very important as a record of the scope of the job or the project requirements. This is a clear communication stream that will help you if there are any disputes. We highly recommend you message a freelancer with a clear set of requirements and make sure they agree to it.

This way both you and the client are on the same page. Then when you send files, make sure you send them on Twine, again as this is a clear record for both of you.

Sending and receiving files

To help you manage your project, you can send and receive files through Twine.

To send examples to your freelancer, all you need is a Dropbox account or a URL link to wherever your file is stored (eg WeTransfer, Google Drive, OneDrive etc). You can do this from Twine messages by clicking on the paperclip icon. 

Or alternatively on the job details page (go to Manage Jobs and select the relevant job) you can see all the files relevant to a job. It will separate out draft files and final files:

Twine looks out for freelancers and clients by keeping the final project files secure until you have sent the final payment through Twine. For this reason, we always recommend freelancers use Twine to transfer project files.

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