Following Step 2: Posting your job on Twine, you've posted up a job on Twine. Once your job is approved and live on the platform, each member of our community with the appropriate job role is sent a notification. With very popular jobs I can be only minutes freelancers engage.

Pitch vetting:

Pitches from freelancers are vetted by the Twine team to ensure the individuals are suitable. Freelancers must have relevant examples of their work, and an informative message within their pitch to pass the vetting process.

Once approved, pitches will filter through into your Messages tab on the platform.

Pitch limits:

There are limitations on how many freelancers can engage with a job post. This is to prevent popular jobs from receiving an overwhelming number of pitches from members of our community.

Job expiry / closure:

Jobs automatically become “inactive” after 30 days on the platform. Once your job hits this threshold, new freelancers are no longer able to pitch. This does not impact the pitches you have already received, your messages regard the job, or your ability to hire.

To prevent a job becoming inactive, you can amend the close date within the “Manage Jobs” tab on the platform.

Public questions:

Freelancers can ask for more information about your job in the form of Public Questions. These questions are vetted by the Twine team before being sent through to you, and are asked anonymously. Once answered, the question (and associated answer) will appear alongside the job brief for other freelancers to view. 

Often questions will be regarding the style required, and if you are able to supply any reference images or links. You are very welcome to share external links, and we recommend including these in your initial job brief, if you are able.

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