If you’re in need of multiple freelancers, or you have a specific freelancer already picked out and don’t need to advertise your job site wide, you’ll need to understand our workaround.

While these are top priority for us to develop, Twine doesn’t currently have the functionality to hire multiple freelancers on one job, or to access a freelancer profile and hire them on the spot.

If you’re a company looking to hire at high volume, we recommend speaking to the team to see where we can help. Find us on the Intercom webchat, or email support@twine.fm


Initially, for a job that requires multiple freelancers, you’ll follow the usual process of posting a public job. The job will go live on the platform and interested freelancers will engage through pitching. You may then evaluate freelancers to the point of hire. However, rather that moving forward and hiring on this public job, you will need to create an additional private job post for each of your chosen freelancers, as detailed below.

Hiring a specific freelancer:

To hire a specific freelancer, you will need to create a private job listing and invite your chosen freelancer to pitch. State this is a private job posting for a specific freelancer within the job title and brief, and select the tickbox beneath your job brief to mark it as private.

Once your job is approved by the Twine team and live on the site, you’ll need to access the freelancer’s Twine profile to invite them to pitch. There’s an option for this on the right-hand side.

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