This article is a collection of our freelancer Frequently Asked Questions.

How does Twine work?

Twine is a community and freelance marketplace for creative and digital freelancers.

  • Showcase your work to clients with your Twine portfolio.
  • Network with other influential creatives and collaborate on side projects.
  • Find freelance jobs, chat with your client, upload files and safely receive payment through Twine.
  • Send drafts or your final project files to your buyer using Twine. Receive payment and access timesheets.

Can I use Twine?

Twine is an open-platform: there is no application process to join. Freelancers of all skill levels are welcome in our community. If you're in a Creative, Marketing, or Digital industry, there's a place for you in our community.

How much does Twine cost?

Twine is free for freelancers to use! However, a small fee may apply when receiving pay-outs following job completion, depending on your payment method.

What payment methods are available?

Take the stress out of getting paid with Payoneer.

We also offer US, UK & EU Bank Transfer, International Wire Transfer and PayPal. All hires and payments must be made via the Twine platform to ensure your payments are kept secure.

How do I verify my portfolio?

Verify by posting your unique Twine URL to your publicly accessible Instagram or Twitter bio.

How do I contact a client about a job?

Activate your account, complete your bio, and add examples of your work to your portfolio to pitch.

Pitches are vetted by the Twine team. How can I ensure my pitch is approved?

Write a great message and populate your portfolio with relevant examples, and we will share your pitch with the client.

What are public questions?

Anonymously ask clients questions about the job to get more information.

What is Twine Pro?

Twine Pro gives subscribers additional benefits, such as promotion on our Instagram pages.

Does Twine host jobs not associated with a particular creative specialism?

Yes! Small video content creation tasks, survey completion, and focus group involvement are examples of small project tasks hosted by Twine that can be utilised to supplement your earnings while working freelance.

How can I give feedback to help improve the site?

We rely on feedback from you, the people the use Twine day-to-day, to provide feedback about where we can improve. We also have a Product Roadmap.

How do I close my Twine freelancer account?

Simply get in touch through this link, and we’ll remove your account within 48 hours.

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