This article details the eligibility for cancellation following a period of user unresponsiveness.

Please note that all communication (or attempted contact) refers only to the shared Twine messages between client and freelancer.

Vault payments are automatically released to the freelance after a period of 90 days.

Freelancer hired on the spot:

No mutual agreement of terms following initial pitch

  • If either user is unresponsive.
  • User requesting cancellation has attempted contact following initial pitch.
  • Other user has not responded for seven days following attempt at contact (maximum of ten days following hire).

If request made by freelancer: any Vault payments are released
If request made by client: any Vault payments are refunded

Mutual agreement of terms (following initial pitch):
Freelancer unresponsive:

  • Client requesting cancellation has attempted contact in reference to agreed project delivery date.
  • Freelancer has not responded for three days following agreed delivery date.

Vault payments refunded to client.

Mutual agreement of terms (following initial pitch):
Client unresponsive:

  • Freelancer requesting cancellation has attempted contact in reference to information regarding deliverable
  • Freelancer is unable to continue work without client communication
  • Client has not responded for seven days freelancer attempt at contact

If client also will not respond to Twine team within five days of direct outreach following cancellation request: Vault payments released to freelancer

If client responds to Twine team: outcome pending investigation

If no specific day, or time-frame is agreed, it is the role of the Twine team to determine what is a reasonable outcome on a case-by-case basis. The process of any investigation, and ultimate outcome, to be led by the cancellation terms stated above. Twine will make payments or refunds based on this outcome. However it should be noted Twine is not a mediator, and the relationship is between Client and Freelancer.

Full Terms & Conditions

Clause 4: Engagements
4.1 You may use the Twine Platform to engage with a Seller or Buyer. These Terms will not apply to any Engagement, and the Twine Engagement Terms and Conditions will apply. We are not party to any Engagement, which are between the relevant Seller and the relevant Buyer.4.2 (Unless agreed with Us in writing) all Engagements shall be via the Twine Platform and all payments will be made through the Twine Platform and via Paypal, Braintree, Stripe or any other payment method we may state on the Twine Platform.

4.1 If the Seller fails to perform the Services by the applicable dates, the Buyer shall, without limiting or affecting other rights or remedies available to it, have one or more of the following rights:

Clause 5: Under Buyer Obligations in engagement-terms

5.1 The Buyer shall: (where relevant) provide the Seller with reasonable access at reasonable times to the Buyer's premises for the purpose of providing the Services; and provide such necessary information for the provision of the Services as the Seller may reasonably request.

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